Room Hire Terms and Conditions

  1. In making a booking with the Eco Innovation Centre, you are agreeing to the terms as detailed in this document.
  2. Verbal reservations must be confirmed by completing a booking form or using the online booking system on our website within 48 hours. Unconfirmed reservations after this point will be discarded. If for any reason our booking system is unavailable, we will confirm verbally and via email with the booking contact.
  3. Cancellation Policy; In the event of a confirmed booking being cancelled, the following charges will apply: 3 – 7 days’ notice: 25% of the booking fee, 48hrs notice: 50% of the booking fee, 24 hours’ notice or less: 100% of the booking fee. In the unlikely event of a booking being cancelled by the Eco Innovation Centre, we will refund any monies pre-paid in regards to the booking. This is the total extent of our liabilities for a cancellation.
  4. The person / company who confirmed the booking will be held liable in the event of any loss or damage occurring during the confirmed hire period at the Eco Innovation Centre.
  5. Equipment is provided as specified within the booking form, the Eco Innovation Centre shall not be held liable in the event of equipment failure.
  6. Third party belongings and equipment remain the responsibility of the owner, the Eco Innovation Centre shall not be held liable for any loss or damage
  7. Catering booked through the Eco Innovation Centre is supplied by a third party catering company. In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, the Eco Innovation Centre shall not be held liable for any recompense. If you wish to bring your own catering, a £10 admin charge is payable.
  8. Administration facilities are available within the centre (photocopying, printing, postage, fax etc.), and may be chargeable. Please enquire at reception for the pricing structure.
  9. Wireless and wired Internet access is available in each meeting room, this is provided inclusive of the hire charge. The Eco Innovation Centre shall not be held liable in the event of the service being unavailable.
  10. Telephones are available in some meeting rooms, and call costs are at a standard business rate, and shall be added to the final invoice. The Eco Innovation Centre shall not be held liable in the event of the service being unavailable.
  11. All visitors to the Eco Innovation Centre must be registered at reception; failure to ‘sign-out’ at the reception may result in incorrect charges being applied to the invoice.
  12. Wherever possible, the Eco Innovation Centre management will seek to accommodate any changes to meeting times, i.e. overrunning meetings.
  13. Meeting rooms are charged hourly. Any extension to the original booking times will be added to the invoice.
  14. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days of the final invoice. Failure to meet the payment timescale will result in a £10 late payment charge per month and copy invoices are charges at £3.50.
  15. The Eco Innovation Centre management reserves the right to terminate any meeting or booking deemed detrimental to the reputation of the centre. Visitors to the Eco Innovation Centre are expected to behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times, failure to meet these standards may result in the visitors being asked to leave.
  16. The “Lead” person for any event must physically attend the event. Should this be a sub-contractor/event organising company/training company, they will be responsible for the behaviour of the attendees. Any damage to the facilities (including spillages on carpets which require cleaning) will incur further charges on your behalf.
  17. Once your event has been held you will receive a final invoice. Any additional charges incurred as outlined above will be added to this final invoice.
  18. The Eco Innovation Centre operates a zero tolerance policy regarding poor behaviour to our staff. Any behaviour which deemed to upset or threaten the staff at the Eco Innovation Centre will result in a ban from using the centre’s facilities – no recompense will be applied should this occur during an event.
MattRoom Hire Terms and Conditions